About Upscale Developers

Upscale Developers - Quality. Excellence. Guaranteed Satisfaction. Value for Money

Upscale Developers is a privately owned real estate development and management firm that specializes in short or long term rental of luxurious furnished and serviced apartments, sale of luxurious apartments and houses in the Accra, Ghana. Our portfolio includes luxury, studio, suites and two bedroom pent house apartments. Upscale Nouveau is led by a seasoned team of executives with multidisciplinary backgrounds.

Upscale Nouveau was founded in 2008 on the principles of quality asset management and to meet the housing needs of the populace in Ghana's capital city of Accra. We take great pride in the exceptional design, quality construction, resident satisfaction and hands-on management of our apartments. With our over 90 percent average occupancy and our consistent customer service, the results speak for themselves.

Welcome to the world of Upscale Group!

The Upscale Story

If you relocating to Accra and looking for a home in the heart of the city, with a hotel ambiance? then look no further! Upscale Developers provides the right solution to a potentially difficult situation by having a great location. Whether you are traveling by limo, taxi, public transportation, or walking from place to place, Upscale Developers has locations that makes it all convenient.

The company's CEO, Roni Yeboah continues to be one of the leading pack of emerging female property developers in Ghana. Having returned from the USA where she studied at New York's Pace university, Roni embarked on her dream to be part of the real estate transformation agenda in Ghana. Her strategy was to develop individual homes and offices with unique designs, amazing pricing and excellent service delivery.

The journey started in 2007. Roni developed Upscale Nouveau Apartments, a fully furnished and serviced luxury apartments in the heart of the central district of Osu in Accra.

In 2011, she developed Upscale Garden Apartments on the Spintex road in Accra, now Maselo court.
Over the years, various developments themes have emerged; Roni, the President and founder of Upscale Investments is proud of the $50m + project portfolio the company holds;(completed and in flight).

After careful assessment of the market, her focus and priority is to understand the requirements of the 21st century property investor in an emerging market. Through her tenacity and belief in her own unique approach to property development, Roni has once again done it. Upscale Horizon, a luxury well priced apartments in the heart of the capital, Osu is now on sale.

The secret to Upscale Investments growth and Financial success is actually not a secret. Roni Yeboah, surrounds herself with the best and brightest talents in the property development business. She is passionate about her Team as she is about her Projects.

Known for her passion for charity, Roni donates through her charitable organisation, U-Angels Foundation and donates to orphanages and Neo-natal and Intensive Care Units across the country. The warmth she exudes belies a fiery passion for excellence; and excellence is what she demands of herself and those who work with her. Our mission statement is not just a simple rhetoric.

There are 4 main tenets we strive for;

Quality . Excellence . Guaranteed Satisfaction . Value for Money.