Upscale Developers is a privately owned real estate development and management firm that specializes in short or long term rental of luxurious furnished and serviced apartments, sale of luxurious apartments and houses in the Accra, Ghana. Our portfolio includes luxury, studio, suites and two bedroom pent house apartments. Upscale Horizon is led by a seasoned team of executives with multidisciplinary backgrounds.

Upscale Developers began in 2008 with Upscale Nouveau, on the principles of quality asset management and to meet the housing needs of the populace in Ghana's capital city of Accra. We take great pride in the exceptional design, quality construction, resident satisfaction and hands-on management of our apartments. With our over 90 percent average occupancy and our consistent customer service, the results speak for themselves.

Upscale Developers now introduce to you Upscale Horizon